In order to mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd 2019, 12 partners from 4 different countries participated at the 4th transnational meeting of the ETTECEC project in Brussels to exchange the latest updates and prepare the last outputs before come to an end. The day after, Autism-Europe hosted the ETTECEC international conference “On Autism for preschool teachers” at the University KU Leuven. 

Since 2017, over 20 teachers from ten schools in Slovenia, Czech Republic, and Spain have been trained in relation to autism needs and in turn 270 children have directly benefited from inclusive education methods.

In the last months of 2019, over 100 professionals, relatives, academics, decision-makers, journalists, autism experts and other interested parties attended the four ETTECEC multiplier events held in Ljubljana, Las Palmas, Prague and Brussels, aiming at raising awareness about the importance of education in autism for preschool teachers and sharing the work and expertise of the project partners to a wider audience.

Before each of these events, project partners had meetings with national, regional and local key stakeholders (such as representatives of the government, the municipality, NGOs, universities, institutions for education and/or disabilities etc.), to discuss about the importance of sustaining the legacy of the ETTECEC training after the project’s completion.

Dissemination key success factors and tools for keeping the project alive in terms of dissemuination after its completion were also discussed. Cristina Fernández Álvarez de Eulate from Autism-Europe presented an overview of the dissemination actions undertaken over the last two years and featured some figures which demonstrate the success of the project in this field:

  • 1 dissemination strategy
  • +3K stakeholders involved
  • +3K website users from over 60 countries
  • 650 subscribers to the project newsletter
  • 150 followers on IPA+ social media channels
  • +100 dissemination pictures taken
  • +10 appearances on media
  • +10 project presentations at external events in Europe and beyond

The day after, teachers, parents, professionals, academics and other stakeholders will gather in Brussels to hear the voices of preschool teachers from Slovenia, Spain and Czech Republic, and to learn more about the work and expertise of #ETTECEC partners in those countries.

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