Slovenian ETTECEC partners the Pedagoški inštitut/ Educational Research Institute (ERI), and Svetovalnica za avtizem hosted the national event of the project in Ljubljana on November 18 2019. Over 30 participants including preschool teachers, parents, researchers, university level professors, teachers from primary schools, local authorities, students, and experts on autism spectrum disorders learnt more about the ETTECEC online training and discussed on a round table about the “challenges with inclusion of children on the autism spectrum into preschool education and care”.

See the picture gallery of the event

During the first part of the event, partners Maja Skrubej Novak and Manja Veldin gave an overview of the project, and the activities that had led to the online training, the content and the platform of the training and the feedback from the preschool teachers that were involved in the pilot.

There was also room for questions and comments from the audience. Participants received a copy of an overview of the project, instructions on how to use the platform and short overview of the content (summary of all the chapters).

The event continued with a round table devoted to the “challenges with inclusion of children on the autism spectrum into preschool education and care”. It was led by ERI´s expert on inclusive education (specific focus on children with special needs) dr. Vršnik Perše. She had two roles in this activity: leading the conversation and sharing her experiences and knowledge about the topic. The discussion included participants from different areas of knowledge, aiming at featuring different point of views about the subject:

  • prof. dr. Tina Vršnik Perše, Deputy dean of the Faculty for education in Maribor, a researcher at the Educational research institute
  • Janja Kranjc, expert for autism, a founder of an NGO addressing ASD called “Tudi jaz”, a psychologist working at a primary school
  • Katja Poglajen Ručigaj, counsellor for children with special needs, Municipality of Ljubljana
  • Kaja Ajdnik, pre-school teacher that cooperated in the ETTECEC pilot, Vrtec Pod Gradom

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