ETTECEC team members
About the ETTECEC project coordinator

The Non-Profit association Mi Hijo y Yo (MHYY) was born out of the needs of parents and families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), including Asperger’s Syndrome, Child Disintegrative Disorder or Generalised Unspecified Disorder.

In many cases, the relatives of these children are lost, misunderstood and feel anxiety or stress. For this reason, MHYY is committed to helping them, supporting them and offering guidance.

MHYY’s main objective is to guarantee personal, family and social development in different areas in order to provide wellbeing and knowledge to families with autistic children and to teach the necessary requirements that allow children to learn in their social, family and school context in the best way possible.

Professionals involved in the ETTECEC project are part of a specialised team for autism. MHYY cater in particular to children at of a young age, working alongside 80 families, both through direct contact with the families and also at the request of schools.

Activities and Services
  • To help, as much as possible, those parents who cannot afford to treat their children through specific intervention, and seek grants to enable them to carry these out;
  • Training for parents, family and educators on ASD;
  • Organisation of family respite services to provide parents a little rest;
  • Pro-social and recreational activities to encourage interaction between children.
MHYY in figures
  • 12 professionals working in a multidisciplinary team (psychologist, speech therapist, social integrators, social workers, Doctor in Art Therapy and boating instructor specialised in working with people with disabilities);
  • 10 specialised volunteers (Socio-Health Universities);
  • 30 family members;
  • 15 partner companies (private);
  • 15 partners to support campaigns and social events.

Asociación Mi Hijo y Yo
c/ Cortijo de San Gregorio 16
35018 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria