Egle Havrdová

IMG_7530 (2)Deputy chair of the board at Schola Empirica

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In November 2004, Egle Havrdová defended her PhD. thesis in the Department of Social Policy, Institute for Sociological Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University. Her dissertation research focused on the comparison of social intervention strategies in the Czech Republic and Lithuania.

This study was a continuation of her research on youth crime prevention programs in Lithuania, which she carried out during her MA studies in the Department of Sociology, University of Lancaster in 1997-1998. Egle presented the results of her doctoral study at a number of scientific conferences and seminars (Sociological Society of G.Masaryk, BASEES Cambridge, UK, Havighurst Foundation Conference, Miami University, USA, UNESCO Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria, and Marie Curie FP6 Annual Conference, Piza, Italy).

From 2004 to 2005, she was a Marie Curie Fellow at the Department of Criminology, Keele University, UK. Her research interests include youth crime control policy design and implementation, evaluation, the importance of inclusive education and dialogue between academics and practitioners in the field. In addition to her academic work, Egle has extensive experience in program management (Fund for American Studies, Washington, USA). In 2002, she served as NCP, Senior Specialist for Knowledge Society and Mobility, European Commission FP6 in Lithuania.

Since 2003 Egle serves as an executive director and senior expert at Schola Empirica, where she leads several research and training projects (Visegrad, Grundtvig, ESF). She is a co-author of the methodology „Good Start“ which is focused on the development of social and emotional competences of preschool children.

Since 2015 Egle is a certified trainer of inclusive strategies and methods in pre-school education.