Maja Skrubej Novak

Maja Škrubej Novak


Specialist in Autistic Spectrum Disorders at Svetovalnica za avtizem

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Maja Skrubej Novak is Autism Specialist, she has a bachelors degree in Special Education (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education).

 She worked as a special education teacher in primary school (OŠ Gustava Šiliha, Maribor), working with children with different special needs who were integrated into the regular classroom. Later she continued her work as a consultant and educator at Center for Autism, Slovene national society for people with autistic spectrum disorders. At the NGO she was Head of Education and she co-developed and run an Early intervention programme for children with ASD.

Now she continues her focus on ASD at Consulting center for ASD in Mengeš, Slovenia. She has an abundance of experience both working directly with children, teenagers and adults with ASD as well as teaching parents, caregivers and educators on topics specific to ASD. She delivered numerous seminars and runned school for parents for children with ASD.

In 2012 she cooperated in training of psychologist at Ministry of Health in Cairo, Egipt in 2015 she was a speaker at ATIA conference in Orlando, US.