Manja Veldin

Manja Veldin


Researcher at the Pedagoški inštitut

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Manja is a researcher at the Educational Research Institute (Ljubljana, Slovenia). She holds a BA in Psychology (thesis title: “Connection between executive functions and strategies in solving basic arithmetic tasks” – an eye-tracking study) and is a PhD candidate in Experimental psychology at the Faculty of arts (Ljubljana, Slovenia), researching empathy enhancement and measurement.

She used to cooperate with the Centre for Psycho-diagnostic Assessment and Chameleon consulting, and participated in the study “The quality of life of patients after kidney transplantation”.

She is presently working on EU projects: HAND in HAND: Social and Emotional Skills for Tolerant and Non-discriminative Societies (A Whole School Approach) (project leader: Ana Kozina; ERI), BRAVEdu: Breaking the Poverty Taboo: Roles and Responsibilities of Education (project leader: Lana Jurko; NEPC) and a Slovenian project: Explaining effective and efficient problem solving of the triplet relationship in science concepts representations (project leader: Saša Aleksej Glažar; financially supported by the Slovenian Research Agency).