The ETTECEC strategic partnership a collaborative, action-based and stakeholder-empowering methodology, using mixed methods of data collection and analysis. The project has been designed to use methods which will foster practical, real-world outcomes.

Project activities

Development of online training for pre-school teachers

During this two year-project, ETTECEC will develop and implement an innovative pedagogical approach based on the inclusion paradigm of education, developing a didactic online course, focusing on the educative spectrum 0-6 (pre-school). However, its fundamental philosophy could also make it relevant to the pupils at different stages of education where it could be successfully applied (considering the different needs and characteristics of their learners).

The course will include different modules, all of them based on specific situations that could happen in the classroom:

  • Module 1- What is autism?
  • Module 2- What to observe?
  • Module 3- Strategies to implement as a teacher

Although the training will lay emphasis on specific situations that may happen when dealing with autistic children, it will also focus on general inclusion of disadvantaged learners.

A minimum of 18 teachers from 5 different schools from Spain, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic will be trained throughout the lifetime of the project, with over 270 corresponding children benefiting from the new methods implemented in the classroom.

Multiplier events

Four multiplier events – one-day Stakeholder Conferences – will be organised in Spain, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Belgium.

The events will provide opportunities:

  • for teachers, professionals, parents, policy-makers and other stakeholders to feed into the development of the online training;
  • to present the online training;
  • to enable teachers and professionals involved in the project to share their knowledge and expertise with regard to autism through a blend of lectures, workshops, and discussions.

The ETTECEC partners will also participate in the Autism-Europe Congress in Nice in September 2019.

Evaluation and Analysis

To assess/evaluate the project, a rigorous mixed methods approach will be adopted, utilising quantitative and qualitative techniques.

Evaluation of training materials

The impact of the ETTECEC online training will be evaluated in the 3 countries through the use of questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. Data obtained using these evaluation tools will be analysed by academic partners in the programme evaluation workstream. Findings will be fed back into the project via the multinational meetings. An annual evaluation report will be produced which will inform the interim and final reports. Feedback will also be provided via the project website.

Evaluation of Stakeholder Conferences

The four stakeholder conferences will be assessed through the administration of a standard questionnaire gathering both quantitative and qualitative data about delegates (parents and professionals) views about the quality and benefit of the event. Information gathered will feed into the planning of future events.

Evaluation of Overall Project

Quantitative and qualitative data will be gathered through the various QA questionnaires and the workstream reports. Stakeholders can provide feedback to the partners via their own lines of communication and via the project website. Data collection and analysis will be undertaken by academic partners, in collaboration with other workstream members.


  • 4 persons (one person from a local authority in each country) will be contacted to get their support for the promotion of the intellectual outputs in local schools;
  • 30 teachers from other schools using the project’s results;
  • 50 children benefiting from the new methods trained thanks to the involvement of teachers from other schools.