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The Educational Research Institute (ERI), established  in 1996 and located in the capital city Ljubljana is the central isntitution in Slovenia for research in education undertaking basic research, development and applied projects on issues of current interest in all sectors of education and related areas.

ERI performs its activities in the context of the national research programme as a public service. Its researchers publish scientific works containing results arising out of formal research undertaking at the ERI, theoretical and empirical papers contributing to the development of educational theroy, and discussion articles on research topics.

ERI also performs activities for other clients, to the extend and in the manner determined by the programme of development and the annual plan.

ERI’s work is carried out by approximately 30 experts coming from different education fields and covering different research areas and methodological approaches of education research. The last allows the ERI to successfully carry out multidisciplinary approach and ensure to tackle the research problems and topics from different perspectives and enable to provide the overal approach to lifelong learning.

Due to its key activities and affiliations (conducting research or seminars, cofnerences and programmes for professional teacher development), ERI is in constant and direct contact with schools (headmasters, teachers) and thereby indirectly also with primary school pupils and secondary school students.


Educational Research Institute (ERI)
Gerbičeva 62
1000 Ljubljana

Presentation of the Educational Research Institute (ERI) at the ETTECEC launch in Spain