Petra Ristić

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Teacher at Mateřská škola

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Petra works as a pre-school teacher in Sluníčko pod střechou pre-school facility in Prague since 2011. In 2013 she was appointed the Deputy to the Director. Since 2014 she conducts practical training of secondary school and university students of pre-school education.

She has acquired much practical experience in inclusive education.

Since 2013 she has been teaching pre-school children English language in Playtime and later KIKUS method. Since 2016 she has been lecturing workshops for pre-school teachers on inclusive education of children with different mother tongue.

She holds a Bachelor´s degree in Pre-School Teacher Training, a Master´s degree in Pre-school Pedagogy (Special Education) from Charles University, Prague. She also earned the official qualification of KIKUS Course Leader for teaching English and Czech language to Pre-school children.

Petra speaks Czech, English, German and Serbian.