October 2017

  • Project’s kickoff

JanuaryFebruary 2018

  • Identification of real-life classroom situations, according to the identified learning outcomes of each module. These identified situations will serve as a basis for the development of the training content.

Download the ETTECEC report: Result of “Observation in schools”

March – July 2018

  • Creation of the training content, taking as a basis each situation identified in the previous months, which will include:
    • an introduction video;
    • explanatory text and concrete strategies to follow in the classroom;
    • a quiz.

All this content will be uploaded on a Moodle platform and will be open and available for any teacher willing to get trained on inclusive education.

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August – September 2018

  • Translation of the contents, which will be available in English, Spanish, Czech, Slovenian and French.

October 2018

  • Launch of the pilot phase.

November 2018- January 2019

  • Training of pre-school teachers.

February- June 2019

  • Follow-up on the implementation of the innovative methods in the schools.

June – July 2019

  • Update of the training content (if needed) after its implementation.

December 2019

  • International event in Brussels, Belgium
  • End of the project. Impact and evaluation phase.