Impact report: analysis of the teacher training implementation in schools

The report below, released on December 2019, presents the impact of the training on the teachers, and their autistic and neurotypical pupils, in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Spain.

Besides, the report explains how to log in to the ETTECEC online training

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Resources from the ETTECEC project 

Coordinated by Asociación Mi Hijo y Yo with the participation of Educational Research Institute, Schola Empirica, Fakultní mateřská škola “Sluníčko pod střechou” and Svetovalnica za avtizem; 2018.

During the second stage of the project (March- May, 2018), ETTECEC partners have been completing qualitative interviews with pre-school teachers and were involved in school and classroom observations in order to detect the problems encountered by teachers and pupils, and more generally by families.

The report presents the summary of observations and interviews carried out in seven schools from Spain, Czech Republic and Slovenia, which will serve as a basis for the training content that will be developed by the project partners.

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Resources from ETTECEC partners

Key challenges in addressing autism in preschool education – a case study in Slovenia.- Maša Vidmar, Manja Veldin, Maja Škrubej Novak and Lucie Milent. 2018

  • Pages 131- 144
  • Šolsko polje, XXIX, 2018, št. 3-4: K paradigmam raziskovanja vzgoje in izobraževanja, ur. Valerija Vendramin

Good practice to Inclusive Pre-School Education in the Czech Republic, England, Slovakia and Wales.- Schola Empirica, Czech Republic, 2016.

The good practice guide is one of the key outputs from the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project: Supporting Social and Emotional Competences of Pre-school Children from Disadvantaged or Culturally Different Environments.

In this spirit, the strategic partnership among educational organizations from Czech Republic, England, Slovakia and Wales aimed at the development and implementation of innovative methodologies for the inclusion and adjustment of children with special needs, especially those coming from socially disadvantaged or culturally different environments.

Research report: Supporting Social and Emotional Competences of Pre-school Children from Disadvantaged or Culturally Different Environments.– Schola Empirica, Czech Republic.

Research papers on autism across the world

Helping Preschool Children with Autism.- The Incredible Years. 2015, US

This  4 – 6 session programme can be offered to both teachers and parents working with 2-5-year-old preschool children on the autism spectrum. The objective is to promote children’s emotional regulation, positive social interactions, language development, and school readiness.

Publications page of the website of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.- US

Magazine Better: Evidence- based education.– UK

It is intended to help educational leaders and policy makers get the best in research-based practice, to help them make better decisions for students at all levels. The articles in Better are written to explain, in plain English, the state of evidence behind informed practice in education.

Better is created by the Institute for Effective Education at the University of York and by the Center for Research and Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins University. The Institute for Effective Education (IEE) at the University of York is working to establish what works in learning and teaching — and why. Better is a companion to the Best-Evidence Encyclopaedia (BEE-UK), a free web site that summarises evidence on educational programmes.