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About this partner

Svetovalnica za avtizem is a private company, established in 2013. The director Maja Skrubej Novak has extended experiences and training in ASD.

Svetovalnica za avtizem is specialised in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). They are providing specialised services to autistic persons and their parents, to pre-school and school all over the country (on demand) in the form of pedagogical assessment, consultations, direct support and educational courses. Their aims include better public and professional awareness for early diagnosis and intervention.

Svetovalnica za avtizem staff consist of one special educator teacher, one freelance psychologist and several volunteers.

The activities proposed in the ETTECEC project fit well into the general aims and activities they deliver. Continuous professional development for teachers (including pre-school teachers) in the area of ASD which is the focus of the current project.


Svetovalnica za avtizem
Valvazorjeva 4
1234 Menges