I believe that the teaching staff must be informed and trained to attend autistic children in the classroom, as the ETTECEC project will take our information request to be guided in the classroom and look for the necessary supports with the Student, both with functional diversity (autism) and not diversity, so we can create inclusive classrooms.

Tell us about your experience and needs when working with children on the autism spectrumand deal with school issues.

This year has been my first experience, with much ignorance when addressing the child, how to perform functional tasks for him and how to include the child  with the rest of the group.
We have few material resources that help us work with the child, as well as strategies that are useful for teachers who have no previous experience of children with these characteristics.

Why do you think it is necessary to develop a training for preschool teachers?

The Faculty must be trained to face the new educational map that is generating tensions, due to the few previous practices and experiences.
We attend a law to diversity that in practice does not correspond to what we find in the classroom and for this we need to train in the subject.

What would be the most valuable information / tools / results of the project for you?On the one hand, the theoretical part of how to detect or see if a student has these characteristics in the classroom at an early age and on the other hand, practical and explanatory videos of real situations that can give us clues to channel a real situation in the classroom.

― María del Sol Díaz Viera, preeschool teacher, Spain